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Viralys Gel 5 ounce Tube of L-Lysine
Viralys Gel 5 ounce Tube of L-Lysine

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Viralys Gel 5 ounce Tube of L-Lysine

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  • Powerful L-Lysine supplement
  • Proven to ease the clinical signs of infection and reduce viral shedding of herpesvirus type-1
  • For use in cats and kittens



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5 oz Gel

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Viralys Gel supplement is specifically developed for cats and kittens to lessen clinical signs and reduce viral shedding. Viralys Gel contains a naturally occurring form of L-lysine specifically developed for cats and kittens. L-lysine competes with arginine, an amino acid essential to the development of the herpesvirus, interfering with the virus's ability to replicate and consequently reducing the viral load.

Viralys Gel Features:

  • Excellent safety profile with no known side effects
  • Compatible with other therapies
  • L-lysine supplements lessen the clinical signs of infection and reduce viral shedding.

L-lysine has been shown to:

  • Lessen the clinical signs of FHV-1
  • Reduce viral shedding in the face of stressors known to induce viral reactivation
  • Reduce the frequency of flare up

Feline herpesvirus type-1 (FHV-1) is one of the most common causes of respiratory infections and eye problems in cats. In fact, up to 97% of cats have serological evidence of exposure to FHV-1.1 Following recovery from primary infection, up to 80% of cats become carriers.2 Even though carriers can remain asymptomatic for long periods of time, they continue to harbor the virus in nerve cells and can pass it on to uninfected cats, especially during times of stress. While FHV-1 is rarely fatal in adults, mortality rates can reach more than 30% in young kittens, who are often infected by their carrier mothers.

Common Clinical Symptoms in Kittens and Adult Cats

Sneezing, Nasal Discharge with Ocular Discharge, Conjunctivitis or Recurrent Corneal Ulcers (in Adult Cats)

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