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Tea Tree Oil Conditioning Shampoo 8oz
Tea Tree Oil Conditioning Shampoo 8oz

Tea Tree Oil Conditioning Shampoo 8oz

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  • Leaves your pet's coat and skin shiny, rejuvenated, and clean
  • Made with pH-balanced formula that is completely "green"
  • Non-filming formula that makes it easy to clean and rinse
  • Packed with ingredients taht natuarlly fight bacteria and dandruff


Healers Petcare

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Your pet’s coat serves a wide range of important purposes for your furry friend, from temperature regulation to protecting their skin from the sun, so it’s important that each dog’s coat is well taken care of. Healers Pet Care makes coat care simple with our Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. This pH-balanced, antimicrobial, biodegradable, and delicious-smelling shampoo is derived from plant materials known to help keep your pet’s coat shiny and clean. It even has insect-repelling properties and minimizes flaking and dandruff. Shop this super concentrated, vet-formulated, environmentally friendly tea tree oil shampoo for dogs today!

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