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Snif-Snax All-Natural Dog Treats

100% Human Grade 100% human grade

Non GMO non GMO

Grain Free no grains

No Antibiotics no antibiotics

rich in omega-3 rich in omega-3

BAP Certified BAP Certified

Value-added, chef-inspired, Scottish salmon based treats for pets
All-Natural Ingredients

Scottish Salmon Scottish Salmon

Rich in DHA & EPA omega-3 fatty acids and high protein, salmon is an incredibly healthy protein base for our dog treats. Our fish is grown without antibiotics and to such high standards that it qualities for human consumption. So feel free to share a bite with your pup – though we doubt you'll love it as much as they do.

Sweet Potato Sweet Potato

The sweet potato keeps our treats bound together, helping retain the valuable fish oils from the salmon. It gives just the right amount of sweetness to the treats, while also providing your pup with lots of healthy fiber.

BAP Certified BAP Certified
Snif-Snax carries the first ever BAP Certified pet food products on the market. The Best Aquaculture Practices is the only certification process that encompasses the entire production chain: farms, processing plants, hatcheries, and feed mills. So treating your pup to Snif-Snax, isn't just amazing for them, it's great for environment too!

All-Natural Dog Treats

All Natural Dog Treats They Will Love

Snif-Snax treats contain only a few all-natural ingredients and nothing else - no grains, chemical additives, antibiotics, or GMO produce. Made at its human grade facility in the United States, Snif-Snax treats are smoked using natural hardwood chips. This gives them a taste that dogs absolutely adore. They’re nutritious & delicious. They're simple smokey snacks. Snif-Snax!