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Redonyl Ultra Soft Chews 100 mg
Redonyl Ultra Soft Chews 100 mg

Redonyl Ultra Soft Chews 100 mg

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  • Dietary supplement
  • Used for dogs
  • Helps treat allergic skin conditions
  • Contains essential fatty acids and aplpha-linolenic acid


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Redonyl Ultra Soft Chews

Redonyl Ultra is a dietary supplement used for dogs to help treat allergic skin conditions. Contains ultra-micronized Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), PEA is a lipid that helps support your pet's skin barrier and immune defense from allergens. Also contains essential fatty acids EPA, and alpha-linolenic acid.

When skin health is compromised, the exact cause can be hard to determine. Supporting the skin, regardless of the cause, is essential in keeping your pet and you happy and comfortable. Redonyl Ultra Soft Chews provide a convenient, easy to administer, concentrated source of PEA to support skin health in dogs. PEA affects mast cell degranulation and their release of reactive mediators. PEA also supports skin health associated with seasonal allergies. These hypoallergenic chews contain no wheat, beef, or chicken, which may benefit dogs that are allergic to these ingredients.

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