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Probios Intelliflora for Dogs, 30 Sachets
Probios Intelliflora for Dogs, 30 Sachets

Probios Intelliflora for Dogs, 30 Sachets

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  • Probiotic supplement for dogs
  • Contains lactic acid bacteria
  • Helps balance and replace natural bacteria in dogs' digestive tracts
  • Helps maintain stool consistency
  • Useful product during diet changes


Vets Plus, Inc.

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Every now and then, even our canine friends could use a healthy dose of probiotics. In times of stress--such as kenneling, traveling, and diet changes--a supplement of probiotics is needed to maintain their appetite, digestion, and stool consistency. Other times, dogs experience digestive disorders, or they require antibiotic therapy. This is where Probios Intelliflora comes in. Probios Intelliflora is a supplement designed to bring comfort to your dog's digestive system. It contains lactic acid bacteria. When ingested, these bacteria will replace and balance the supply of natural bacteria already in your dog's stomach, allowing for more comfortable digestion.

This product comes in powder form. It is designed for daily use and should be applied as a supplement to your pet's food.

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