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PetLift Folding Grooming Tables
PetLift Folding Grooming Tables

PetLift Folding Grooming Tables

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  • Grooming table with folding legs
  • Ideal for house calls
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry, comes with a handle
  • Non-skid top



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24" x 36" Grooming Table
24" x 42" Grooming Table

The PetLift Folding Grooming Table is an efficient, simple-to-use device which groomers will find very helpful in their profession. It is lightweight yet sturdy, making it easy to transport yet strong enough to support pets while they are being groomed. The legs are adjustable and can lock in place to ensure the table remains steady for the duration of the grooming process. It is also easy to carry as it comes with a handle. All of this means it is especially sufficient for groomers who regularly make house calls. It also has a skid-resistant top so pets are less likely to slip when they are being groomed.

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