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Paw Savers Disposable Paw Pads, for Large Dogs, 45-58 lbs, 24 Pads

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Paw Savers Disposable Paw Pads, for Large Dogs, 45-58 lbs, 24 Pads

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  • Keeps paws clean and safe
  • For use on grass, dirt, rough terrain, hot pavement, ice and everything in between
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic foam and adhesive foot pads
  • Disposable and convenient
  • Made in the USA


Paw Savers LLC

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Paw Savers

Made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic foam and adhesive, Paw Savers present the perfect way to keep your pet's paws clean in a convenient, disposable way. Paw Savers keep paws clean, safe, and comfortable during walks on grass, dirt, rough terrain, rock salt, hot pavement, ice, and everything in between. Paw Savers are manufactured in the USA with the highest standard of quality and packaged in 24 units (6 sheets of 4 pieces). Paw Savers are designed as disposable and convenient.

Paw Savers are specially designed to protect your pet's paws in the worst weather conditions, including snow and ice, and also from chemical exposure to rock salt and other deicing compounds. Paw Savers also protects paws from the the heat of hot pavement, preventing cracks and burns to foot pads.

While dog walks may vary in length, Paw Savers are designed to last the length of a single walk (10-30 minutes) and then be disposed of when no longer adhesive. Depending on the walking conditions with your dog, the adhesive may remain tacky after use while more rugged terrain or weather conditions may shorten the product's usage time.

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