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Nursing Kit, 2 oz
Nursing Kit, 2 oz

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Nursing Kit, 2 oz

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  • Durable feeding bottle
  • Promotes natural feeding
  • Latex free nipple
  • Includes cleaning brush
  • Suitable for a variety of animal species


Pet-Ag, Inc.

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2 oz

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This nursing bottle has been carefully designed for hand-feeding young kittens, puppies, and other small animals such as ferrets. This kit comes with an attachable nipple, which is durable, latex free, and has been constructed to duplicate the milking action of a mother animal and promote natural feeding. Attach this nipple to the bottle when feeding.

Please note that the nipple does not come with a feeding hole already built in. You can create a hole using a hot needle. Make sure you allow the needle to cool before removing it from the nipple, so the nipple's silicone parts don't melt back together. Once your animal has teeth, monitor the nipple's condition for your animal's safety. This kit also comes with a cleaning brush.

In addition to puppies and kittens, this kit can be used for young ferrets, squirrels, and monkeys.

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