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Nupro Joint Supplement, 5 lb- SILVER
Nupro Joint Supplement, 5 lb- SILVER

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Nupro Joint Supplement, 5 lb- SILVER

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  • Prevents soreness and stiffness in joints
  • Supports healthy and active joints for your working or athletic dog
  • Main ingredients include MSM, which naturally works to protect cartilage and tissue while reducing inflammation
  • High performance solution to protect the joints of your working or athletic dog
  • Keep even your oldest dogs active, mobile, and happy



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5 lb

Nupro Joint Supplement prevents aches and pains caused by sore, stiff joints as well as promoting healthy mobility for working, active and senior dogs.

Nupro Joint Supplement contains a comprehensive formula to benefit dogs of all ages:

  • Nupro Joint Supplement boasts a Glucosamine complex, which is easily absorbed and helps maintain resiliency in connective tissues.
  • Nupro Joint Supplement includes MSM, a natural source of bio-available sulfur. This sulfur is essential to the growth and repair of tendons, cartilage and other connective tissues. MSM is also an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • A key component in Nupro Joint Supplement, Ester-C® boosts absorption of glucosamine complex and MSM in addition to promoting collagen formation.
  • Nupro Joint Supplement is packed with nutrients. This supplement gives your dog a comprehensive solution through 16 vitamins, 15 minerals, 23 amino acids, 9 enzymes and 4 essential fatty acids.
  • Norwegian kelp, ground flaxseed, imported nutritional yeast culture, dessicated liver, bee pollen, steamed bone meal, and lactobacillus acidophilus are also featured in Nupro Joint Supplement to give a pet added value with each scoop.
  • Nupro Joint Supplement does not contain any preservatives, sugar, fillers, corn, wheat or by-products.

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