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Multipet Dawdler Dudes, Dog Toy, 20" Assortment
Multipet Dawdler Dudes, Dog Toy, 20' Assortment

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Multipet Dawdler Dudes, Dog Toy, 20" Assortment

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  • Wild-animal designed chew toys for dogs
  • Soft and plushy, yet durable to hold up to rough games
  • Fetch and tug-o-war with a zebra, giraffe, tiger or cheetah
  • Made to squeak loudly when chewed or squeeze


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Dawdler Dudes

Wild and furry Dawdler Dudes are chew toys your dog will love! Soft and plushy, these toys are durable without any hard pieces so your dog can chew on them for hours. A zebra, tiger, giraffe and cheetah make up the Dawdler Dudes, each ready to rough house, tug-o-war, and fetch with your pup, squeeking along the way. Available as a zebra, giraffe, leopard, tiger, or as an assortment.

Each animal chew toy is approximately 20" inches long and 2.5" inches wide.

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