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Mal-A-Ket Plus Trizedta Flush 12 oz
Mal-A-Ket Plus Trizedta Flush 12 oz

Mal-A-Ket Plus Trizedta Flush 12 oz

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  • Multicleanseear flush for dogs and cats
  • Preservative free and ready-to-use
  • Antimicrobial and antibiotic and contains no alcohol
  • Safe for middle ear infections
  • Made in USA


Dechra Veterinary Products

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TrizChlor Flush for Dogs and Cats

Dechra TrizChlor Flush is a multicleanse ear flush for dogs and cats. It is very effective at removing foreign particles from ear and also aids in the treatment of bacterial infections, infected wounds, and lesions.

TrizCHLOR is intended for treatment-resistant infections and mixed infections and is safe for use in the middle ear infection of dogs and cats. It uses a combination of tris-EDTA and chlorhexidine for powerful topical antimicrobial action against otitis and middle ear infections.

Cleaning your pets ear with Dechra TrizChlor Flush on regular basis also helps in maintaining healthy ears and prevents infections and ear diseases in your pet.

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