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Laube 305 Speed Feed Trimmer
Laube 305 Speed Feed Trimmer

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Speed Feed Blade

Laube 305 Speed Feed Trimmer

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  • Great for cutting a dog’s hair
  • Provides a resistance to rust
  • Abrasion resistant



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The Speed Feed Blades fit the 305 model Speed Feed Trimmer hand piece and the Purrrl Cat Trimmer.

The comb blade is steel and TiN plated with steel or ceramic cutter blades available. Titanium Nitride (TiN) plating, gold in color, extends the blade life in two ways. The first is that TiN is abrasion resistant. So when the blade comes into contact with dirt and other environmental media, the TiN coating is tougher than un-plated steal or even chrome-plated steel. The other way it is superior is that TiN plating provides better resistance to rust. Any amount of rust will dull the edge of the blade.

Cutter blade options:
-Ceramic helps reduce friction and any heat as well as stay sharper much longer. Your dollar goes further. The ceramic blade has white cutter teeth.
-Steel is economical and slightly less fragile than the ceramic. The steel blade has black or gray cutter teeth.

Laube Product Returns Process:

  1. Call Laube Company (1-800-451-1355)
    • Clipper motors have 5 year warranty
    • Clipper parts have 1 year warranty
  2. Laube customer service will direct you on where the product needs to be returned.
  3. Once received by Laube the product will be examined and then you will be contacted about the status of your damaged product.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery on Laube items that are special ordered or out of stock.

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