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Hot Dog Essence Chips
Hot Dog Essence Chips

Hot Dog Essence Chips

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The Hot Dog Essence Chips from Rawhide Brand® are made from Brazilian grass-fed beef hides. 16 oz bag of 2" X 4" chips.


Pet-Ag, Inc.

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16 oz bag

Our Hot Dog Essence formulation is human-grade and sold also to consumer food marketers. We use the all natural formulation; nothing artificial! These non-staining raw hide chips are made form 100% grass-fed free-range Brazilian beef hides. They are chemical and preservative free. Each bag is lot coded with the date of production which identifies the ranch of origin. The chips are lab tested in the USA before shipping to ensure the best quality product.

Rawhide Brand products are made with high quality fresh natural grass fed beef hides that are processed in PetAg's superior quality control standards without the use of bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Rawhide Brand products are unique in shape and design. They are ergonomic and last longer than the average chew. They are easily distinguishable from any other rawhide chews.

Rawhide Brand products are made to the specification of 3 major patents:
1. The Round Safety Knot that resembles ram's horns helps slow down the chewing process thus minimizing rawhide related digestive disorders. The bone design patent also applies to the Chunky Chews® product line.
2. The additional of Glucosamine to the Rawhide Brand® and Chunky Chew products is protected by the second patent that allows the application of nutritional supplements to rawhide.
3. The marinade process invented by PetAg has also been patented. This process submerges the hide in a flavor or nutrient based fluid that is readily absorbed throughout the chew. The product is then formed and dried. The dog received the benefit of the flavor or nutrient while it chews. This marinade is not just a surface coating and has a smooth texture.

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