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Happy Jack Milkade
Happy Jack Milkade

Happy Jack Milkade

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  • Helps mother dogs produce healthy milk for their puppies
  • Perfect for females with no milk production or acidic milk
  • A 2oz bottle will feed one litter of puppies
  • Made in the USA


Happy Jack

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Happy Jack® Milkade

Providing Milkade before and after whelping helps ensure that dog moms are able to produce a healthy milk supply to their newborn puppies. Five key ingredients comprise Milkade's formula, including Sodium Acetate and Potassium Citrate, which act as buffering agents to neutralize acidity; Calcium Gluconate, which aids in milk production; Lactose, which provides energy; and Thiamine Hydrocholoride, a B1 vitamin that helps diminish neuritis caused by dietary deficiency.

Made in the USA

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