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Happy Hen Treats MealWorm Frenzy, 5 lbs
Happy Hen Treats MealWorm Frenzy, 5 lbs

Happy Hen Treats MealWorm Frenzy, 5 lbs

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  • Treats specifically made for chickens
  • Resealable tub, for freshness and easy storage
  • 100% natural-dried mealworms
  • High in protein
  • Made in USA


Happy Hen Treats

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5 lbs

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Happy Hen Treats MealWorm Frenzy

Happy Hen MealWorm Frenzy is the first line of treats made specifically for chickens. If you wish to surprise your poultry with a snack, this is the product for you! Offer these tasty dried mealworms to chickens and see them dance and peck in a frenzy as they scurry about, trying to reach their treats. Happy Hen MealWorm Frenzy contains natural dried mealworms that chickens absolutely love to eat. Your chickens will simply love these 100% natural, whole-dried mealworms. This treat, made in the United States, comes rich with protein. An important element in your chicken's diet. So they'll receive something healthy, that also tickles their taste buds!

Offer your chickens a taste they will love, without the inconvenience of storing and handling live worms. This product is sold in a resealable tub, which also works to your convenience. The resealable features mean you can preserve the freshness and longevity of your chickens' treats for a longer stretch of time. This also means storage even simpler.

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