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Feliway Wipes 12 ct
Feliway Wipes 12 ct

Feliway Wipes 12 ct

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  • Calming travel wipes mimic a cat’s natural facial pheromones, which creates a state of familiarity and security
  • Comes in individually wrapped, single-use sachets for convenience and easily used
  • Re-apply every four to five hours, and you've got stress relief on the go
  • Use them to wipe down hard surfaces like his carrier, plane surfaces, car dashboard, and more


Ceva Animal Health, LLC

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12 ct

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Feliway® Wipes

Feliway Calming Travel Cat Wipes help make a cat feel comfortable in their environment, leaving a facial pheromone behind. These wipes mimic that same natural scent, which effectively works to help calm nervous cats during travel. You can use them to wipe down hard surfaces like carriers and anything else your cat may encounter along the way. As soon as your cat starts sniffing away, the scents work naturally to put them at ease which will make travel better for everyone.

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