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Fecal Loop, 4.75" for Puppies
Fecal Loop, 4.75' for Puppies

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Fecal Loop, 4.75" for Puppies

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  • Plastic fecal loop for quick fecal extractions
  • Slotted ends
  • Reusable item
  • Easily cleaned


Jorgensen Laboratories

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4.75" for Puppies

Fecal Loop

This nine-inch fecal loop is a simple and efficient tool for extracting fecal samples from pets. It has a much longer lifespan than other tools of this nature. Both ends of feature slotted traps, so it can be used twice as much as fecal extraction tools with just one slotted end. What’s more, it is easily cleaned and disinfected and can therefore be used multiple times. Because it is so narrow, it can be easily inserted into the animal’s rectum, and the looped end traps a sample of fecal material for the veterinarian to analyze. Always make sure to disinfect the loop after each use.

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