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Cosequin Calm, 30ct tablets

Cosequin Calm, 30ct tablets

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  • Chewable supplement that helps support balanced behavior
  • Calms during stressful situations like thunderstorms, visitors, travel, and loud noises
  • Helps alleviate signs of anxiety like trembling, panting, hiding, escaping and excessive barking
  • Can be used daily and as needed


Nutramax Laboratories, Inc.

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What is Cosequin® Calm?
Fear and anxiety can play a big role in many dogs’ behavioral issues, with common signs including trembling, panting, hiding, escaping, and excessive barking. Cosequin Calm helps support balanced behavior and relaxation during stressful events such as thunderstorms, visitors, traveling, and loud noises. Cosequin Calm provides a proprietary combination of ingredients, all in one convenient chewable tablet.

Helps Support Balanced Behavior & Relaxation
About Canine Storm Anxiety

Where does anxiety come from?

Fear is an instinct of self-preservation, but when your canine companion is inside safe with you fear can be irrationally triggered by things such as storms, fireworks, and unfamiliar visitors. When your dog is fearful or anxious the brain releases stress hormones like epinephrine and cortisol that increase heart rate, blood pressure, and endorphins.

Storm Anxiety Symptoms & Triggers

If you suspect your dog may suffer from storm anxiety (or other situational anxiety) watch for these symptoms: lowered ears & tail, wide eyes, pacing, panting & drooling, trembling, whining or howling, hiding, involuntary indoor urination, destructive behavior, self harm (clawing in an effort to escape), running away.
Many things trigger anxiety in dogs, some triggers are: darkening skies, light rain showers, changes in smell, changes in barometric pressure, static electricity, wind, pouring rain, lighting, low-frequency rumbling, thunder, fireworks, visitors, or traveling. You may notice that your dog has other triggers.

Directions for Use Directions for Use
Can be used daily or as needed. The recommended daily amount may be repeated 30-60 minutes prior to an anticipated stressful event. For optimal results, product should be used in conjunction with behavior modification in consultation with your veterinarian. Behavior can be complex. If desired results are not seen with recommended amounts, please discontinue administration and consult your veterinarian.

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