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Carnivore Care
Carnivore Care

Carnivore Care

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  • Encourages pets to eat when they're sick
  • Improves your pet's energy levels
  • Convenient powder formula
  • Can be served wet or dry
  • Made in the USA


Oxbow Animal Health

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Carnivore Care

When you're sick, maintaining your appetite can be difficult, yet it's imperative for your recovery. Just like you, when your pet is ill, they may not be interested in eating their regular food.
Carnivore Care is a nutritionally complete supplement that encourages your pet to eat while supporting nutrient absorption and boosting energy levels. It's packed with omega fatty acids and easily digestible proteins obtained from egg and poultry sources, making its flavor irresistably appetizing.
Carnivore Care is available as a powder that can be served dry or wet by sprinkling on your pet's food or mixing into a paste for assist-feeding via syringe or spoon.
If your pet is facing malnutrition, weight loss, anorexia, surgery, renal disease, or gastroenteritis, Carnivore Care can give them the nutrition they need to recover quickly.
Carnivore care is intended for small carnivorous animals, including cats, ferrets, raptors, and reptiles.

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