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Bravura Lithium Ion Cord/Cordless Clipper, Turquoise
Bravura Lithium Ion Cord/Cordless Clipper, Turquoise
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Bravura Lithium Ion Cord/Cordless Clipper, Turquoise

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  • Supplies integrated, rapid power with 5,500 SPMs
  • Offers low vibration and maintenance-free operation
  • Uses new Lithium Ion technology for improved battery performance
  • Designed to be durable, lightweight and quiet
  • Provides high performance, longer usage times and reliability



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The Wahl® Bravura Li+ Cord/Cordless Clipper is designed for long running times of 90 minutes with quick recharges of 45 minutes and operates at full speed until depleted. The Bravura Li+ can be charged thousands of times without any noticeable loss in battery capacity ensuring high performance and long service life. Not only is this powerful cord/cordless rotary motor clipper exceptionally quiet with virtually no vibration, it is also lightweight, durable and maintenance free with 5,500 SPM's. The Bravura Li+ clipper is a must have clipper for every professional who wants to save time and have a great finished clip to show off.

The new Bravura Li+ continues to deliver the unsurpassed cutting performance of the '5 in 1' blade. Both the Bravura Li+ clipper and the '5 in 1' blades will never get hot, therefore eliminating the risk of overheated blades and having to use messy coolants. With a simple flip of the lever you are able to adjust the blade size from #9, #10, #15, #30 and #40 easily, saving you the cost and storage space of 5 separate blades. The '5 in 1' style blades are also easy to snap on and off making routine blade cleaning a breeze. The Wahl '5 in 1' blades are designed and manufactured in Germany.

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