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Bio-Groom EconoGroom Tearless Shampoo, for Dogs and Cats, 1 Gallon

Bio-Groom EconoGroom Tearless Shampoo, for Dogs and Cats, 1 Gallon

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  • Concentrated shampoo-1 gallon makes 15
  • Rich, foamy, and mild without stickiness or goo
  • Coconut oil formula brightens and conditions coat
  • Helps control dry skin
  • Leaves a clean, fresh fragrance



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Bio-Groom® Econo-Groom® Tearless Shampoo Economy and quality combine in Bio-Groom Econo-Groom Shampoo. One gallon makes 15 gallons! Specially formulated, Econo-Groom provides professional groomers with a concentrated shampoo of superior quality, providing optimum performance, and economy. One gallon dilutes to make 16 gallons of super rich, foamy, mild shampoo that is not sticky or gooey. The coconut oil base formula cleans thoroughly while it brightens and conditions the coat. Bio-Groom Econo-Groom Shampoo deodorizes, is non-irritating and has a neutral pH. It uses lanolin to condition the coat and to prevent dryness of the skin. Bio-Groom Econo-Groom Shampoo rinses out in seconds, is biodegradable, and has a clean fresh fragrance. It is safe to use with topical flea and tick treatments. Recommended by top breeders and professional groomers worldwide, it is cruelty free and soap free.

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