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Avid Small Fence Sign, 6" X 12"
Avid Small Fence Sign, 6' X 12'

Avid Small Fence Sign, 6" X 12"

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  • Helps reunite lost pet with owner
  • Informs customers
  • Reassures
  • Shows dedication

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6" X 12"

Avid Small Fence Sign, 6" x 12"

If your company uses microchips made by Avid, you’ll naturally want to bring this to your customers’ attention. After all, microchips are one of the most efficient tools for reuniting lost animals with their owners, as all it requires is an up-to-date entry in an online database and a scanner and any rescue shelter can identify a lost animal’s owners. Having a sign around the office informing customers that you’ve thought about microchips and have all of the animals registered can be very reassuring. It shows your care and dedication.

This small fence sign is 6” x 12” in size. Its contents read


Our animals are permanently identified with registered AVID microchips

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